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Detach the battery cables bef ore connecting the battery to a charger. The trunk is intended for larger, heavier items. If the light Running the engine with low oil does not go out within ten seconds, pressure can cause serious mechanical turn off the engine. Park P mechanically locks the transmission. The lever will return to the center position as soon as you release it.

If you do not properly tighten the cap, the Malfunction Indicator Lamp may come on see page Push the fuel fill door closed until it latches. It holds up to six discs, providing several hours of continuous entertainment. Cars The tires on your car meet all U. Page If you mount snow tires on your U. Avoid rapid acceler- ation and have the transmission checked by an authorized Honda dealer as soon as possible.

The Maintenance Schedule shows you when you need to take your vehicle to the dealer. Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds.

Make sure you have securely locked the steering wheel in place Make any steering wheel adjustment by trying to move it up and down. For general use a soft brush with a mixture of cleaning, use a solution of mild soap mild soap and warm water to clean and lukewarm water, letting it air dry. It will give you years of driving pleasure. You should check corrosion a white or yellowish the color of the test indicator window, powder.

See timing belt on page to determine need for replacement. Slide the wiper blade assembly onto the wiper arm. The brakes on the rear when going down a long hill builds The front disc brakes on all models wheels are drum. In bad weather, blades with windshield washer fluid when you use the washers often, on a clean cloth.

Your dealer has Genuine Honda accessories that allow you to Make sure the accessory does not Follow all instructions in this personalize your car. Have your Honda dealer check the belt as soon as possible. Page Please contact your Honda as far forward as possible. Your selection of a Honda Civic was a wise. Honda civic automobile navigation manual pages.

Emergency Towing There are three popular types of unacceptable. If the light does not go out within ten seconds, Running the engine with low oil turn off the engine. Accessories and Modifications.

During normal operation, the pointer should rise from the bottom white mark to about the middle of the gauge. Your car has three tether anchorage To use the anchorage point, pivot its points under the rear window for cover up. Pivot the hold-down wire Bulb back in place and clip the end into If you are changing the bulb on the slot. Adjust The Steering Wheel Anyone using a seat belt that is not working properly can be seriously injured or killed. Wash hands after handling.

With only half the seat folded, you can still carry a passenger in the back seat. You can be burned or seriously injured Stop filling the tank after the fuel nozzle automatically clicks off. Make sure Bulb the new bulb is working. If the engine does not start within meters adds to the problem.

Radio Frequencies You can quickly set the time to the Stations must use these exact Radio Frequencies nearest hour. Reporting Safety Defects U. The belt belts to help hold the occupants in will retract, but it will not allow the place. You can also use a mixture it is best to use a solid type. In low speed and high speed, the wipers run continu- ously.

Push the disc in halfway, the drive will pull it in the rest of the way and begin to play. Move the seat belt buckle or center seat belt away from the anchorages.

Make sure the temperature control dial is all the way to the left. Reinstall the hooks into the side panel of the glove box. Page You can quickly set the time to the Stations must use these exact Radio Frequencies nearest hour. Unless you have the tools and knowledge, you should have this maintenance done by a skilled mechanic. Digital Clock The audio system also displays the time.

The the disc in halfway, the drive will pull system will start to play the first it in the rest of the way. Turn the radiator cap counter- The coolant level should be up to clockwise, without pressing down the base of the filler neck. Instrument panel indicator and gauge, and how to use dashboard and steering column controls.

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Honda Civic Owner's Manual pages. If Make sure the moonroof and the the instrument panel shows that the you have a manual transmission, put windows are closed. Afterwards, convert pdf table to excel free online keep this owner's manual in your car so you.

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Honda 2001 Civic Manual

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