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Who isyourfavorite sinBer? Can I have your passport, please? Do you think uniforms are a good idea?

How I feel atthe end ofthe day? This roadis very dangerous.

American English File 2 Workbook - PDF Free Download

Then listen to eight sounds, and write a- h in the boxes. Sometimes I three linked words sound like one word,! Sally and Claire are looking at skins. Because the world is pale green, and asparagus isinseason!

American English File 1 Workbook

She's a Hollywood star, but she isn't American, she's Spanish. English Grammar Workbook For Dummies. English File Intermediate Tests.

American English File 1 Teachers Book 2nd Edition

Why are the freeways good? The freeways are very fast, and in California they have a lot ofcar lanes.

Underline three new words in each paragraph. Jenny, Rob, or the waitress? On Mondays and she has extra classes to prepare for the college entrance exam. Can I have my key, please?

American english file 1 pdf download

Because it's the time of day when I c. She gives concerts to audiences around the world. What's special about the third Monday in January and the third Friday in June? Then read the article and check. The sun shines a lot in Southern California.

American and British English- the same, but different American and British people speak the same language- English, tratamiento para esquizofrenia paranoide pdf but with some small differences. Is a typical man from your country similar to the typical American man?

English File third edition e- Book offers additional features that go far. New English File Intermediate.

He often has a hamburger for dinner. He goes to the movies on Friday night. Imagine you are in a taxi. Put them in the right column.

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Write down more information about the people in che photos, e. You are going to write a similar email to a pen pal. Journalists work all over the world. Vote for the person you want to be on the show.

American English File 1 Student Book (Second Edition)

He usually sleeps betwcenl six and half to seven hours a night. In which places are these things important? Then practice saying them. Because I love fireworks, and I always watch them at night with my family.

American English File 2 Workbook - PDF Free Download

American English File 1 Teachers Book 2nd Edition

Adults like this museum because it is full of interesting old art and architecture. They hardly ever take any medicine. Start by pressing the button below! Then listen to her talking about noise rules where she lives.

Do you play any sports in your free time? You can change your ad preferences anytime. Write Facebook posts to say what you are doing on vacation.

Those people are moving move. Sally's Phone Afternoon Paul is in his office.

They practice Beethoven and Brahms instead oflearning to steal and shoot. She has an album called Stronger. It doesn't shineievery day, but be careful when it shines. Some ordinal numbers can be difficult to say because they end in two or more consonant sounds, e. She picks up her bag and her phone, and goes back to work.

Over seven million copies sold of her album SomeHearts. Ask questions to guess the jobs. Learn more about possessive adjectives and practice them.

Thirdly, their diet is very healthy. We are in Caracas, the capital ofVenezuela. Then read the text and check your answers. Match the singers Whose music do you hear in the these people famous for?

American English File 1 Student Book (Second Edition)