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Leader of chorus of women Let's pick up our water-jars again, Rhodippe. Come then, we must now fit collars to all these willing necks.

Poor, miserable wretch, baulked in your amorousness! But don't you think they want you just as badly? We shall never cease to suffer the like, till some one gives you a neat trip-up and breaks your neck for you! Leader of chorus of old men There now, there's our fire all bright and burning, thank the gods!

Seductions, caresses, provocations, refusals, try every means! Your name is not unknown amongst us. Anything, volvo v50 owners manual pdf anything but that!

So depending on what exactly you are searching, you will be able to choose ebooksto suit your own needs. Why, its salvation hangs on a poor thread then! Magistrate May I die a thousand deaths ere I obey one who wears a veil!

Open your ears to our wise counsels and hold your tongues, and we may yet put things on a better footing. Myrrhine I am just unfastening my girdle. And yet you dare to make war upon me, wretch, when you might have me for your most faithful friend and ally. Men will have it we are tricky and sly.

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Lysistrata What is this fable you are telling me? Leader of chorus of women Fart at us, would you? Lysistrata And if he has me by force. Magistrate You put things indeed!

Cinesias Never mind, dearest, let it go now. Magistrate Speak out, Laconians, what is it brings you here? Anyway, you must stay here now till the fifth day, your day of purification. Magistrate How will that be, pray? Cinesias My god, what difference does that make?

Lysistrata Why, all the more reason! But, oh dear, we must get a mattress. Lysistrata You wicked women, have done with your falsehoods! But look, to finish this toilsome climb only this last steep bit is left to mount. Lysistrata Well, well, I will tell her to come.

Leader of chorus of old men And if I batter you to pieces with my fists, what will you do? Have you no memory left of how, in the days when you wore the tunic of slaves, the Laconians came, spear in hand, and slew a host of Thessalians and partisans of Hippias the tyrant?

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He had a holy horror of ill-conditioned fellows, but he was mighty tender towards women. Is it to cremate yourself? Well, to begin with, give us Echinus, the Maliac gulf adjoining, and the two legs of Megara. Magistrate Is it not a sin and a shame to see them carding and winding the State, these women who have neither art nor part in the burdens of the war?

Cinesias Yes, yes, upon my life I will. Unless peace is made very soon, we shall find no recourse but to make love to Clisthenes. Lampito Yes, indeed, I really think I could. After the drink is in, why, we're all wise men, every one of us. You want your husbands, that's plain enough.

Lysistrata Beautifully dressed and wearing a saffron-coloured gown Cleonice Beautifully dressed and wearing a saffron-coloured gown. Lysistrata They are from Anagyra. Lysistrata You seem annoyed!

Lysistrata Oh, my darling, my dearest, best friend, you are the only one deserving the name of woman! Leader of chorus of women What would you have? The time is come to show yourself in turn uncompromising and conciliatory, exacting and yielding, haughty and condescending.

Come, you provoking creature, to bed with you, and don't bring another thing. Magistrate Then why do you turn away like that, and hold your cloak out from your body? Lampito She is a noble lady from Boeotia.

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Herald By the twin brethren! Cleonice I will be cold as ice, and never stir a limb. Lysistrata Well, I shall stay here to help you cajole the man and set his passions aflame. Lysistrata But if I break it, let my bowl be filled with water. Woman I will set you crying without onions.

We are always happy to assist you. Lysistrata Never will I give myself voluntarily. Socrates Philosophical Science Science. Strymodorus, who would ever have thought it?

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So surely I am bound to give my best advice to Athens. Magistrate Come, how is that, eh? Pass decree on decree, you can do us no hurt, you wretch abhorred of all your fellows. You should never have laid rash hands on us. Surely she will have some compassion on our condition.

Leader of chorus of women I laugh at your threats, so long as I have on my side Lampito here, and the noble Theban, my dear Ismenia. Lysistrata If only you had common sense, you would always do in politics the same as we do with our yarn.

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