Just as good as bottles three times as expensive Nice aroma and flavor, vanilla, sweet earthy. Nose Sherry obviously, orange is quite prevalent, some sort of sugary thing. The finish is also improved, with a rummy caramel and some fading menthol.

Balvenie 12 Year Old Single Barrel - First Fill

Please click here for more details. My go to bottle for occasions. Absolutely stellar dram for the price.

The Balvenie 15 Year Old Single Barrel Sherry Cask
The Balvenie (12 year) Single Barrel First Fill

Now I have had doublewood many times and it is great but it is also overpriced here in the states now and since its the same price as this figured this was a better value and wow was I right. This is exclusively matured in first-fill bourbon casks and each bottle is part of a batch that is at most bottles - all taken from the same cask. Slightly bitter and rum-like, superb. Session expired Please log in again.

Balvenie 12 Years Single Barrel 70CL

Best with a teaspoon of water. Easily my top recommendation for an enjoyable dram during winter's short and frosty days. The first bottle was bananas. To each their own i guess.

Whisky The Balvenie 12 Anos Single Barrel First 700ml 47 8

The Balvenie 15 Year Old Single Barrel Sherry Cask

Balvenie Single Barrel 15 Year Old Whisky - Master of Malt

My go-too everyday scotch. This is the bottle you buy him. It's full of reminders of how I remember autumn smelling growing up, of harvest and roasted chesnuts and just hints of bonfire in the background.

Wilt u Balvenie Single Barrel 12 years ( 2 flessen) kopen

Well what can I say about this very special single malt except that it is the best whiskey I have had. These Single Barrel offerings are tricky. Some oak barrel tannin, but not drying.

  • It's so sweet and honey-like- not my preference at all.
  • The finish is mediocre at best, without any reprise of the aromatic fruits and with the mouth still smarting from the over-aggressive burn.
  • Fine balanced representation of the Balvenies.
  • Beneath this is a layer of waxy tutti-frutti bubble gum, orange blossom honey, kaffir lime leaves, and very light shortbread-like malt.
  • Still it's better than your common Irish whiskey.

Unfortunately Balvenie has left lots of flavors on the table by chillfiltering and probably adding some artificial coloring. While the Balvenie Double Barrel I sampled last night was decent, this sample was not at all enjoyable. This is only the second of the Balvenie range I have tried after the Doublewood, but I found it to be delicious - smooth like vanilla, but with enough of a kick. Somehow from the buttery profiles of the ex-bourbon single barrels I expected something similar but sweeter and maybe with a'bunadhlike characteristiks because it's been casked in oloroso, but nope.

Still pretty pricey for what you get I think but this rating is just to balance out my previous one. Dark, thick and sherry galore. Good, but the mouthfeel is unnerving! Some of the elements of the first still their but overall more jagged and less enjoyable. If you like to boof, you will love this!

ModernThirst Recommends

  1. You are far better served by paying half the cost for a bottle of the DoubleWood year or splurging on something else.
  2. My first bottle was amazing, thought it would be my go to whisky, and at such great value.
  3. So different from carribean cask but equally as good.
  4. The Nose is very fresh, clean and sweet.
Balvenie 25 Year Old Single Barrel Whisky Review

Beautiful whisky straight from the cask! The second was more green and grassy. Light and airy, but packed with high notes of every description. This is quite an amazing drink. Keep the sherried stuff coming and we are just waiting for the cask strength Balvenie to be released.

Lots of flavors and some real complexity. The nose includes toasted malt, oak, and pumpkin pie. The flavor has great depth and I find it nicely sweet.

Great way of showing the full power of the American Oak casks. Maybe too clean bourbon cask influence, first fill bourbon casks tend to have that effect on whisky. It's not chill filtered as one review said. Don't waste your time with sherry this and double matured that. Have to spend about twenty more for that.

Balvenie 15 anos Sherry Single Barrel

Balvenie Single Barrel 15 Year Old

About The Distillery

Honey and dried mixed peel. We can't actually ship to you in United States at the moment. Paired nice with the chocolates we had.


Sweet and spicy on the nose with hints of rye, spice and mango backed up by a healthy dose of vanilla - gets more fruity with water. Lots of vanilla, honey, oak, apples with a long citrus finish. Nice aroma and flavor, vanilla, sweet earthy. The hand numbered bottle leaves great impressions. Age statements, non chill filtration, das and a family owned distillery that has it's own long standing traditions.

Vanilla is dominant on the nose. Never in my life has coke taste as good as it does with this. Develops lots of caramel, sweet orange, vanilla oak and chocolate notes with time in the glass, along with a pleasant leafiness and pine sap. Just two bottles in but both quite different.

Excellent long lasting finish of spices. Each is also hand-numbered and labelled with the cask reference number. The finish is toffee-sweet with mild spice and vanilla. It's the perfect match for people like that, dating and I'm one of them. First bottle of this particular brand from a begginner on the whiskey journey.

Gall & Gall

It was, for me, disabled dating 4 u the highlight of the event. Always have a couple of bottles in! Def a special occasion whisky. The finish is really persistent and spicy.

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