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Attimes I see the situationdeteriorating still further, to thepoint where even the thought oftomorrow will be a luxury. Outa gratefully takes the water she offers him.

Introduction & Overview of Boesman & Lena

Boesman is impatient with Lena and often threatens her. She does not want to leave. Because Boesman will not talk with her, Lena talks. Boesman is also mentally cruel to Lena. She often looks to the past, especially in Act I, though Boesman repeatedly tells her she should be concerned with the present.

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If Fugard had not stopped, she would have spent the night on the side of the road. You already recently rated this item. Remember me on this computer.

She carries all her possessions in a bundle on top of her head and a load of firewood in her arms. Boesman finally speaks and threatens to leave her next time they walk.

When she believes she has succeeded, she is happy. She has found what she was looking for and to push her luck would not bring any discernable benefits. Bitter tea, a piece ofbread. Lena sits next to the old man and realizes that he has just died. But at the end of the play, Lena stays with Boesman.

She later became a novelist and poet in her own right. For example in Sizwe Banzi is Dead, migrant worker Bansi can only survive by assuming someone else's identity and getting the important apartheid pass in order to get a job.

When he tries to leave, she pushes him down and makes him stay. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Boesman and Lena, as well as their actions, can be interpreted as symbols. When Lena calls over the old man, Outa, Boesman does not want him to stay because he is black, an African.

As Fugard developed friendships with black people and saw their living conditions, their plight became even more evident to him. He noticed an old lady walking along the road in the boiling-hot sun, miles from anywhere, and offered her a lift. The plays at this time were political and mirrored the frustrations in the lives of the audience. Learn more More Like This.

When he arrives in their camp, she yells at him to sit in an angry tone. Boesman threatens to hit her when she tries to go for a bottle of wine. He was educated at the University of Cape Town. He considers himself an Afrikaner, but writes in English to reach a larger audience.

Fugard wanted to be a novelist and composed a manuscript, but watching his wife audition, Fugard became interested in, then involved with the theater. Great play by Athol Fugard. Despite the twenty-three year gap since its debut, critics still found the play to be relevant, though the situation in South Africa had changed and apartheid polices had grown less oppressive. Fugard's well-known play about two squatters.

Boesman & Lena Summary & Study Guide Description

Boesman gets so upset that he almost hits Lena, but she says that he has to be careful because there is already one body present. In the earlys, Fugard experimented with developing scripts in an improvisational theater format.

Film Notes - Boesman and Lena

Jack Berry was born tough, smart, and radical, and he never gave an inch. At the moment he learns her name, Lena decides the old man is truly her ally, her link to her humanity. When he says it does not hurt, she asks him if hitting her hurts him. Lena returns to Boesman and takes up her share of their belongings.

Trivia Director John Berry died during post-production. Lena tries to figure out the last time they lived in this location, and Boesman does not help her. Please re-enter recipient e-mail address es.

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Lena is covered with bruises from the beatings that Boesman has given her. Lena decides to sleep outside with the old man wrapped in a blanket. Boesman will have none of it.

Working in the court environment and seeing how the Africans suffered under the pass laws provided Fugard with a firsthand insight into the injustice and pain of apartheid. She sees someone out walking on the mudflats, and Boesman comes to look.

Trivia About Boesman and Lena. She uses the old man to make Boesman doubt himself, and she nearly leaves him in the end. At one point, project management report example pdf Boesman refers to himself and Lena as trash discarded by white men.

In order to survive in such a homeless state, Boesman builds a shelter out of scrap iron and other found materials. None of this, though, is a serious blemish on a production that the author has directed with his customary unblinking honesty.

Film Notes - Boesman and Lena