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There is a series of daring jewel robberies that leave the police baffled. No sooner has Crane gotten off the phone with police than an armed assailant shoots him and steals a paper from his home climbing out the window to the roof with the help of a partner. The thug and his partner steal a paper from Crane and climb onto the roof. Frenchy tries to attack the Bat-Man one more time, but the Bat-Man beats him until he's begging for mercy.

He picked up the knife which is why his fingerprints were on it. He made the police think he was a criminal so Frenchy Blake would act like he wasn't being watched. Gloves draws a gun, so Bat-Man punches him out and takes the jewels.

Bruce Wayne decides to go home, and Gordon rushes over to the Crane residence. When they arrive, the man's son explains that when he came home he found his father stabbed to death. The Bat-Man does a somersault in mid-air and lands on a rooftop below. He grew tired of waiting and decided to kill them so he wouldn't have to pay. Frenchy sends Slick and two other henchman to rob the Norton household.

Detective Comics Vol 1 28The Bat-Man Frenchy Blake s Jewel Gang

Police pursue the Bat-Man. Then Stryker tries to shoot Bat-man, Bat-man gives a punch that knocks Stryker into an acid tank. Steve Crane calls Gordon on the phone. Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits.

Gordon receives a call that chemical manufacturer Lambert has been found murdered. Now this is one of those rare golden age books which I would actually consider buying. The second one tackles him from behind, and he throws him off.

What size image should we insert? Bruce Wayne impersonates Commissioner Gordon to get information from a stool pigeon named Gimpy, who reveals that the c. Meanwhile, Rogers, one of the two surviving business partners, pays a call on Stryker, the other living partner.

Objects Bat-Suit Utility Belt. Ricky runs at the Bat-Man with a knife, bogleheads guide to retirement planning pdf so the Bat-Man kicks him off a roof to his death. He grabs the paper and escapes as Gordon is pulling up.

Bruce remarks that this is a lovely fairy tale, and leaves. The Bat-Man swings through a very large open window and knocks one of them out with a kick. Then you see the wealthy Bruce Wayne walk into the closet and come out dressed as Bat-man. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Gordon notes to himself that Bruce Wayne must have a boring life.

The Bat-Man punches Stryker so hard in the face that Stryker breaks through a railing and falls into a tank of acid. Then Bat-man arrives and breaks the chamber with a monkey wrench.

While still at the crime scene, Commissioner Gordon receives a call from Steve Crane, one of the victim's business partners who claims there has been an anonymous threat on his life. Then you see the wealthy Bruce Wayne walk into the closet and come out dressed as Bat-man Can Commissioner Gordon solve the case of the Chemical Syndicate? Frenchy Blake believes this is a good thing, as the police will be watching for the Bat-Man instead of him. Gordon learns that Crane has been murdered, and moves on to the next business partner. Blake begins planning his next move.

Newspapers announce that the Bat-Man is head of the gang of jewel thieves. Then he knocks out Slick with a punch to the face. The Bat-Man makes it seem as though he is trying to grab the jewels, so the police will think he is a criminal. The most I've every paid for a comic was maybe fifty bucks.

Detective Comics 27

This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live. Mind you it would have to be in shit condition to be anywhere near my price range cause wow grand is a pretty penny.

Detective Comics Vol 1 28

Later at his house, Commissioner Gordon relates this story to Bruce Wayne. The lad explains that he arrived home early and saw his father lying on the floor. Steven Crane is killed by a gunman who enters through the window. To which, I respond, no, that's not Batman.

Detective Comics 1 881 (1937-2011)

Detective Comics 1 881 (1937-2011)Detective Comics 27 - The Case of the Chemical Syndicate (Issue)

Jennings puts Rogers in a gas chamber. Make sure this is what you intended.

Almost a year later Bob Kane and Bill Finger debuted their version of a super hero. He is picked up by an Officer Kelly, who finds the stolen jewels and a note on Frenchy's body. This will not affect the original upload Small Medium How do you want the image positioned around text? Disable this feature for this session. If there is already a synopsis here, it might need to be modified or expanded.

Detective Comics 27 - The Case of the Chemical Syndicate (Issue)

The Bat-Man gives Frenchy a right jab, then ties him up with the rope, and hangs him outside the window. Commissioner Gordon then talks to Bruce about this case. He had no powers relaying on his fighting skills, mind, fear, and objects close by. The Bat-Man demands a written confession, otherwise he will cut the rope and let Frenchy fall to his death. Crane has received a similar death threat, and asks for police protection.

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When he entered the library, he saw a figure escaping out the window. Stryker breaks out of the Bat-Man's grip and pulls a gun on him. Gordon invites Bruce Wayne to the Lambert mansion with him, and Bruce Wayne says he has nothing better to do. They try to shoot at him, and he dives off the roof.