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Online health websites might even lead people to purchase harmful drugs or engage in risky health practices. Internet paradox revisited. It may be that one source of the increase in depression is the misinformation people get from factually incorrect websites. Conceptual framework and item selection.

Lyubomirsky S, Nolen-Hoeksema S. Assessing measurement properties of two single-item general health measures. Cyber bullying is rapidly increasing. Morgan Charlie, Cotten Shelia R.

Limited Internet use can actually contribute to a healthy development of hand-eye coordination. However, bank po exam papers free pdf they are one source for the popular belief that use of the Internet for health purposes can improve well-being. We were also interested in whether this association would be moderated by people's health or care-giving status.

Psychological effects of Internet use

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Effects of Internet use and social resources on changes in depression. It found that Internet surfing uses much more brain activity than reading does. The rapid expansion of the Internet has greatly increased the amount of health information available to the general public. Type of illness and use of the Internet for health information. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

In the initial and final surveys they also reported on their physical health. The development of coping strategies over time. How will Internet Use Affect the Patient? Most previous studies of online health resources have measured attitudes rather than behavior change. Current Study The purpose of the current research was to determine whether using the Internet for health purposes is beneficial or harmful to physical and psychological well-being.

Sixty percent of the participants completed the surveys online. The scale measures the frequency of symptoms of depression among healthy, nondepressed populations as well as among those with clinical disorders.

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Overall, parents are seen to do simple tasks such as sending e-mails and keep up with current events whereas social networking sites are less frequented. In addition, the lagged dependent variable analysis controls for initial levels of depression and health when predicting subsequent levels of depression and health.

Various researchers have undertaken efforts to examine the psychological effects of Internet use. One of the most widely debated effects of social networking has been its influence on productivity.

Psychological effects of Internet use

Psychological effects of Internet use

This study examined the consequences of using Internet health-related resources in a way that other studies have not. If the employees suffer from degrading self-control, it will be even harder for them to get back to work and maintain productivity. Albrecht T, Adelman M, editors. The rapid expansion of the Internet has increased the ease with which the public can obtain medical information.

Listed below are the Internet-use scales examined in this research and the Chronbach alpha measure of internal reliability of the items that make up each scale. Comparison of web and mail survey response rates. Reading about symptoms and anecdotes from patients may cause this group to imagine being ill and to inflate their perceptions of risk. More highly educated respondents were more likely to use the Internet to communicate with friends and family, for information, and for shopping, but less likely to use it for entertainment.

Internet resources for psychiatry and neuropsychiatry. Journal of Information Science. The social psychology of illness support groups. Advances in Consumer Research. Additionally, those with unmeasured problems or those more prone to health anxiety may self-select online health resources.


Shortcomings of health information on the Internet. Social support and the outcome of major depression. Social networks, participation, and community commitment. Association of enjoyable leisure activities with psychological and physical well-being. Mail and Internet Surveys.

Effects of Internet Use on Health and Depression A Longitudinal Study

IntroductionEffects of Internet Use on Health and Depression A Longitudinal Study

Ubiquitous in contemporary society, widespread Internet use is a relatively recent phenomenon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The single-factor model represented the hypothesis that Internet use is best measured by a single index. We did not expect that using the Internet for health purposes would be associated with increases in depression. Is use of the Internet by the general population for health purposes associated with a subsequent change in psychological well-being and health?

Marital status, life-strains and depression. Screening for depression in elderly primary care patients. We then sent surveys to all respondents who agreed to participate.