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He clearly loves what he does, and gives his back story to explain why. Vinnie has a way different approach than most, but it seems he has had lots of good results.

Need something to inspire you to upgrade your nutrition intake? And the author says fats are okay. Eassy Weight Loss Without Work. She is just a toddler now, but good habits can never start too early.

With its conversational tone amusing anecdotes, it's much more than just a self help book. Read this book and give a copy to everyone you love in your life! He makes some blanket statements that c This book contains a lot of really useful information regarding diet and fitness. This is also mixed in with humour and interesting stories from Vinnie about his life as a person trainer.

Books by Vinnie Tortorich. This book reminded me how useful and motivational such literature can be - even if they lack beautiful prose.

It sounds like Atkins to me! As he was also a character in the book and had his own motivation to see the book published. And through all this, the book is wonderfully inspirational. Chips, another slice of pizza, one more scoop of ice cream. You are a warrior and you can be tough if you want to.

Vinnie Tortorich

Fitness Confidential by Vinnie Tortorich

He brings up multiple times how he wonders if anyone loves him and has a hard time believing anyone even likes him, despite sounding like he has plenty of friends and an otherwise good life. My second time reading this book and was not disappointed.

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Vinnie has a great sense of humour which comes through and I loved the vinnisms! However, this is only a This is something of a memoir posing as the confessions of a fitness industry insider.

So can I assume that potatoes are okay? Sugar and grains are bad, exercise is good, Vinnie likes extreme sports just about sums up that topic. While he has clearly worked with many Hollywood names, this book is not about name-dropping although there are some promotions. He bulks up, is finally able to fight back, ends up on the football team, and is finally given the decent treatment that everyone should be given from the start. As someone who had his own major health scare, he is able to talk about overcoming adversity as well.

Really entertaining and easy read with lots of smart diet and fitness choices. The last third of the book kind of just talks mostly about his fitness accomplishments. Close your eyes and imagine a knowledgeable, middle-aged personal trainer who likes to publicly brag about his fitness and his sex life, but in a good-natured and almost goofy way. The book is modeled somewhat after Kitchen Confidential and the author who also narrates is in turn a trash-talker, teacher, braggart, coach, why do we fall ill class 9 notes pdf and snark. Trivia About Fitness Confidential.

Vinnie's ideas are so simple and straight forward, they just might work! That said, the book had some interesting ways to look at health and diet.

Fitness Confidential

Really enjoyed this book all in all. Besides the nutritional info there's a story of life, setbacks, and success. Spoils used to go to the victor. It totally makes sense, I highly recommend it! Vinny makes it easy to read just listen to his story, his struggles, his conquests and it'll will leave you with excited to get your life together.

His stories range from his experience modelling to beating cancer and riding miles through Death Valley. Vinnie is personable, funny, interesting and inspiring. And his description of the process of investigating a gym membership is priceless. He shares his own personal experiences, which include decades of work as a personal trainer and a lifetime of being a fitness enthusiast.

You can do better for diet advice, exercise and inspiration. You'll want to read it cover to cover in one sitting. What made it interesting to me was reading the viewpoint of a guy who seems like he's probably very sweet, but has had a lifetime of toxic masculinity heaped up on him in a ton of different ways.

Now, in this hilarious and often r-rated memoir, he holds nothing back. And that is from an ultramarathon enthusiast.

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Like Lance Armstrong, you take in his account of how he felt when he was diagnose with cancer and how these guys keep pushing their body inspite of suffering from it. Thank you brother and keep training! This book contains a lot of really useful information regarding diet and fitness.

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Fitness Confidential by Vinnie Tortorich. He states that corn grains are bad, but what about corn as a vegetable? Now imagine that all of this braggadocio is peppered with bad jokes about his Italian heritage.

It was interesting him talking about the scams happening in the fitness gyms, that they are a business first, and a gym second. Author seemed a braggart about his sex life, but that is Hollywood. There's some truth to it, but the larger percent of it is just bullshit.