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Other species with a notable presence were M. It is also similar to McDonald et al.

The within-plot diversities recorded in the present study indicate that the Sierra Maiguailida harbors the richest forests thus far documented in Venezuelan Guayana. High tree species richness on poor soils. Square plots have been more commonly employed in the Vene- zuelan Guayana.

The local topography is invariably steep and hilly. University of California Press, Berkeley, California. Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, pp. Utila is a small island off the north coast of Honduras. Conservation of the Venezuelan Guayana.

They serve to absorb carbon dioxide to reduce global warming, give off oxygen, and renew the atmosphere. Geographical and physical features. Lianas, epiphytes, and herbaceous climbers are common on the trunks and branches of trees. Ecological Diversity and Its Measurement. The community is nestled within a deep and narrow river valley surrounded on both sides by peaks rising to m altitude or more.

Floristic composition, structure, and diversity of four forest plots in the Sierra Maigualida, a handful of dust pdf Venezuelan Guayana. Floristic composition and stand structure.

Therefore, Dodonaea angustifolia has been the third dominant species affirming that the Oda forest was in early successional stage. Abundance, growth and mortality of very large trees in neo- tropical lowland rain forest. The most intensively studied areas to date are the tepui summits, Gran Sabana, Orinoco River gallery forests Aymard et al.

Floristic composition pdf

Printed in the Netherlands. Therefore it resulted in inverted J shaped pattern.

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Venezuelan Guayana Vegetation Map. Oda forest was one of the forests of Humbo Woreda victimized by these anthropogenic activities as well as environmental factors. The understory is easily distinguished and relatively dense, consisting of juvenile trees and individuals of the Marantaceae, Heliconaceae, and Poaceae. The second group includes Dodonaea angustifolia which resulted in inverted J shaped pattern.

Floristic Composition Vegetation Structure and Regeneration Status

Only two trees, Caraipa densifolia and Sterculia sp. Dominance and diversity in land plant communities. It lies within the midland relatively low agroecological zone at altitude ranges from to masl and the vegetation can be classified as the dry woodland forest type. Allophylus abyssinicus, Ekebergia.

Floristic composition pdf

Ediciones Tamandua, Caracas, Venezuela. Some of the species included in this group were Combretum aculeatum, Croton macrostachyus, Uvaria schweinfurthii, Maytenus gracilipes, Protea gaguedi, Capparis fascicularis, and Ozoroa pulcherrima. Brosimum alicastrum, Micropholis egensis, M. Oda forest is one of the seven forests demarcated in seven kebele associations. Piper guineensis and Entada abyssinica.

Euphorbiaceae and Lauraceae were the most species-rich families. The understory vegetation is dense and tangled. Thesis, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia. Fire resistant species, like the locally dominant palms, Oenocarpus bacaba and Attalea maripa, were also encountered exclusively on elevated ground.

Seedlings, size class distribution, fallows, shea butter tree, density, savanna. In the forest high dominance i.

Accordingly, we suggest that the high diversity lowland forests such as those found in the Sierra Maigualida should be given higher priority in conservation planning than is presently the case. Species abundance plots for the four forest plots. Population Structure and Regeneration Status of Vitellariapamdoxa. Central sector of the Sierra Maigualida. Indigenous transformation of Amazonian forests.

Floristic composition, structure, and diversity in moist forest communities along the Casiquiare Channel, Amazonas State, Venezuela. Leguminous species, Soil analysis, Life form, Naturalized species, Taif district. In the project, the above information for sufficient conservation and management of the forest is not well documented. However, this pattern does not depict the general trends of population dynamics and recruitment processes of a given species.

Floristic Composition Vegetation Structure and Regeneration Status