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All Raptor components can be used in existing applications without any modifications. Modifications and variations, pages Maximum speeds, page Shaft or bore sizes and keyway dimensions. Search by Specification Learn More about Gearmotors. The same basic case is used for each size and can be mounted using detachable feet or, where desired, can be located without feet. The Hydax Flexible Drive Coupling consists of two gear hubs engaging in a sleeve of high grade plastic material.


Continuous and Flanged Sleeve. Improved Features, Easier Installation The Dodge Raptor has everything needed for easier installations and reduced maintenance costs. Meets requirements of vertical shaft applications for shaft sizes up to diameter. Lovejoy torsional couplings have been engineered to solve torsional vibration problems found in diesel engine driven equipment and other applications where torsional vibrations are prevalent.

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To fill these requirements Ameridrives has developed a series of axial travel couplings to accommodate most travel requirements. State normal and maximum conditions.

Single keys not recommended for sizes and larger. This assembly is a combination unit for filtering air displacement from the reservoir and straining oil while filling. With over years of coupling manufacturing expertise, Dodge has a history of providing reliable coupling solutions in a wide range of industries and applications.

Two flanges with internal teeth engage an elastomeric flexible sleeve with external teeth. The Gauge Isolator Valves protect the pressure gauge from damaging pressure surges, hydraulic shock and mechanical vibrations. Mounting options include Tank Top and Side Mounting. Common hubs and grids are used within a given size range for both horizontal and vertical split cover models. Applications cattalogue condenser water, chilled water.

Radicon gearbox catalogue Suppliers by Category Top. They support petrochemical plant, More information. Shear Pin Single Engagement. Conveyor, Material Handling, Agitator, asp net controls pdf Mixer.

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Rigid Couplings and Shaft Collars. Refer to the section Lubrication for further information. When it comes to hazardous environments, you can trust Baldor-Dodge. The fluid is completely isolated from the gauge until the knob is pressed.


Applications include condenser water, chilled water, More information. Utilizing advanced testing, analysis and manufacturing processes, Ameridrives provides highly-engineered coupling solutions to meet challenging customer requirements. By pressing the knob, the fluid is connected directly to the gauge port giving instant and accurate readings on the gauge. Powered by keepvid themefull earn money.


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Seals enshrouded to prevent damage. Breather-filters are a must for hydraulic systems ensuring clean air and oil passing into the reservoir. Used primarily in tandem pairs, connected by intermediate floating shaft or as individual unit in conjunction with a driver or driven shaft having a self-aligning support bearing. Gearbox Temperature Reduction without installing external cooling equipment. Power coated cap and nylon or nickel-chrome plated strainer body ensures corrosion resistance.

Utilizing advanced manufacturing technologies and processes, Guardian provides highly-reliable coupling and component solutions to meet the most challenging industrial application requirements. Gauge Isolator Valve Single Station. These sizes are also equipped with a removable end ring for ease of assembly and to allow inspection of the gear teeth.

Greaves Double Reduction Speed Reducers are two stage worm reduction units. It does not accommodate parallel displacement of shafts but does accommodate angular misalignment.

Make long-term die reliability a reality! Select Language English Contact. New facilities or new equipment installations.

They are easy to assemble and require no maintenance or lubrication and do not emit transmission noise. The gears have crowned-tooth form which permit axial and angular misalignment. Flexible Drive Coupling The Hydax Flexible Drive Coupling consists of two gear hubs engaging in a sleeve of high grade plastic material. Greaves Speed Reducers are of substantial construction, combining rigidity with strength.

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Bearing Supported Stub Shafts. Only one gauge and one drain line for all the ports reduces plumbing and additional instrumentation cost. Longer Driven Equipment Life. Tips of external gear teeth are Ameridrives Couplings began manufacturing in In effect, it provides a bridge between driving and driven gear meshes. When shaft sizes only are stated on order and they consist of fractional or decimal dimensions without tolerance, the bore will be sized for an interference fit in accordance with Table A.

Unfortunately caalogue the competition, combined misalignment is reality. Dicronite dry lubricated Cleveland gearbox. The filter is intended for direct mounting on hydraulic reservoirs in mobile installations and machine tool application and can be used with any minerals and petroleum based oils. India Products Coupling systems Flexible shaft couplings Gear couplings.


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Surface on which it is being installed should be level and of smooth finish. Instead of the spider being compressed in between the interlocked jaws of each hub, our In-Shear coupling has the hubs drawn apart with the jaws aligned axially. The couplings have undergone extensive testing under severe load conditions.

Combined Angular-Offset axes of shafts do not intersect at point of coupling and are not parallel. The innovation behind the Raptor coupling also extends to applications requiring additional space between shaft ends. The composite units provide the most compact and radicon gearbox catalogue arrangement for large reduction of speed necessary for slow moving machinery.

Helical Flexible Couplings

Available in non-corrosive options of Stainless Steel and Nylon materials also. The standard filtration is upto microns.

Applications for Lovejoy gear couplings are numerous. Amerigear High Performance. Lovejoy can satisfy your gear coupling needs.

The construction incorporates a stainless steel filtering media with a steel back-up perforated sheet held together with free flow epoxy bonding material. This is possible because of the progressive contact that catalpgue between the curved profile of the hub teeth and the flexible grid. Lovejoy Inc entered the power transmission marketplace in the s, and today the Lovejoy brand is recognized as a leading supplier of flexible shaft couplings and other power transmission components. This is a combination unit for filtering air displacement from the reservoir and for straining oil while filling.