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Some of the deleted files can be recovered with an undelete tool. This includes the page number that you are working, the column and line number of the cursor position and so on. Move into the rectangular area meant for Microsoft word. Managing Front Office Operations Business. Contact Us Find out more about this Program.

We started with procedure to invoke Ms-Word. Seattle Computer Products. The Word main menu is displayed at the top of the screen as shown in the Fig. The overall functions of all the items of main menu are explained below. These two toolbars are displayed just below the title bar.


Lesson 9 INTRODUCTION TO MS-WORD - Reference Notes

Microsoft Reference Library. There are many software packages to do the job of word processing. Business Economics Business. Using the host's window allows one to pipe output between emulations.

Stac was unwilling to meet Microsoft's terms for licensing Stacker and withdrew from the negotiations. Microsoft Access Business. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

Introduction to Disk Operating System (DOS) - Functions and Features



Using this menu you can perform various types of operations on the table. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Business Negotiations and Contracts Business. Discontinued computer operating system.

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Using this menu, you can get on-line help for any function. Business Verbal Communication Business.

Many letters are typed in the office. Word document can be of many pages. Microsoft chose to license Vertisoft's DoubleDisk, using it as the core for its DoubleSpace disk compression.

Course Prerequisites Introduction to Personal Computers or equivalent knowledge. This course builds on our Introduction to Personal Computers course. They also learn about disk compression, partitioning, backups, restores, atal bihari vajpayee biography pdf free and the protection of data.

Introduction to MS-DOS - Academy of Learning

Marketing Administration Business. You will notice another menu coming up to the right.

The use of mouse is simpler as it is fully menu driven. Each mode has its limitations. The typist first types a draft copy of the letter. It displays the following sub menu.

You may Opt-Out at any time. You can perform file management operations by using these options such as opening, closing, saving, printing, exiting etc. This section possibly contains original research. At any time, only highlighted options can be executed, faded options are not applicable.

Introduction to MS-DOS - Academy of Learning

You may not that any option faded under present situation may become highlighted under different situations. The largest manufacturers used the per-processor arrangement, which had the lowest fee. Course manual provided for on-going reference.

This menu allows you to work with two documents simultaneously. The main menu further displays a sub menu.

Click Here to see all locations. Some of the options are highlighted options and some of them appear as faded options. Move the pointer to programs. In the due diligence process, Stac engineers had shown Microsoft part of the Stacker source code. At first all these machines were in competition.