Ku990 Manual Pdf

Using An Image If you choose Message or Email, gomezjara sociologia pdf your Outgoing call - Set an image to appear photo will be attached to the message and during outgoing calls. Click on File and select Save. Warranty Information More. The list will move From the standby screen up so more items are visible.

LG KU Product Support Manuals Warranty & MoreKu990 manual pdfKu990 manual pdf


Sending a message Touch then choose Create new. Touch to skip to the next song. It is used in the same way as the Documents folder. To see the frame types select Yes.

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Select the song you want to play and touch Play. The phone software upgrade stopped before completion? Focus - Select the way of fucus. You may be prompted to allow the image size to be changed.

Calls Press the hard key to mute the ringing. Copy - Copy a video clip from the phone memory to a memory card or vice versa. Don't close the update tool, disconnect the cable and reconnect it. Repeat these steps to add more voice recordings to the video. Sort by and Memory manager options are Select a photo and touch available for default images.

Ku990 manual pdf

Moving Or Copying An Image Once you have marked all of the appropriate boxes, press one of the options. Downloading A Music Move - Move a video clip from the phone memory to a memory card or vice versa. Speed Dialling Dialled calls - View the list of all the To end one or both calls press numbers you have called. For example, handwriting into your message. Adjusting The Contrast Image size - Change the size of the video to save on memory.

Touch and select Save this page. Delete - Delete the contact. Touch Yes if you are sure. If you can't find any desired results, please try using the following menu Telephone Live Chat Email Customer Feedback.

Hold - Touch to put a caller on hold. Text overlay - Add text to the video. Using Continuous Shot Mode A tick will appear next to the image panoramic image.

You can set a holiday period in your calendar. Touch the icon, followed by Add city. Touch it twice to view it properly.

From the standby screen From the standby screen touch open the address book. Wallpaper - Choose the theme for your standby screen or outgoing call. Select Tasks and touch Add.

Saving A Page Saving a page Access your required webpage as described above. The name of the image runs along the bottom of the screen together with three icons down the right side.

You can also manually tune into a station by using displayed next to the radio frequency. Owner's Manual Recommended Show all. You can also manually tune into a station by using to the radio frequency.

LG KU990 User ManualKu990 manual pdf

Moving Or Copying An Image To unmark an image, touch the image again so that the tick disappears from the box. For example, do not use your phone in hospitals or it may affect sensitive medical equipment. Choose to Repeat these steps to add more text. Select a game and touch Launch. Touch Send and choose from Message, Email or Bluetooth.

Use the arrows in the application to change the conversion format to Mobile. To access the bookmark simply scroll to the required bookmark and touch Open. The Quick Keys The quick keys The quick keys provide easy, one-touch access to your most used functions. To capture the image press the capture button as normal. Move the camera mode switch to to open the photo gallery.

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You will need to insert your headphones in order to listen to the radio. To turn off all call diverts, choose you have missed. If you have trouble telling which are photos and which are videos, check the details. Save your Tasks list item by selecting Save. Touch to skip to the previous song.