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Orgon But have you forgotten that my generosity pulled you out of your misery, you ungrateful wretch? In no way could I ever mean to hurt you, And I'd as soon.

This was set in a religious television studio in Baton Rouge where the characters cavort to either prevent or aid Tartuffe in his machinations. How can you wrong my love so much, And ask me such a question?

Let it shine, give him everything you own, and if you need more, give him what is mine as well. In return, the Parlement presented a document severely limiting the power of the crown. Your father is being a fool, talking nonsense. Dorine I have nothing to tell myself.

Is it right to push me like this, to demand what you want the moment you want it? There you go again, quite off the handle! That way, it will be easier for you to delay this proposed marriage if you have to. How old was Mariane when her mother died?

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Tartuffe, your friend, is mighty lucky. Have I not A hundred times laid bare my heart to you? But close that door before I say more, and look everywhere to be sure no one can overhear us. Despite it all, I do have pity on you.

Elmire This lawsuit seems ridiculous. Things are not far advanced yet, in the country? To Cleante Just wait a bit, please, brother-in-law.

Tartuffe had taken charge and possession of this box, and now tells Orgon that he Orgon will be the one to leave. He was a versatile actor and a wickedly good mimic. References to court, to the classics, and to the physical appearance of the characters make this clear, and the details are indicators of character rather than simply stage settings. Dorine You have to come back. In short, the other is in Heaven's best graces, And that is riches quite beyond compare.

Damis You may have your reasons to react this way. And just to tell you how this point came in. These visits, balls, and evenings of chitchat are all inventions of the devil.

No one could act more generously, I fancy, And, since I'm treating you with great indulgence, I beg you'll do as well by me, and see I'm not disturbed in my discharge of duty. Were his speeches so seductive that. Elmire Such gallantry is, to tell the truth, rather surprising. Can a foolish concern for what people think keep you from the glory of a noble act?

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Loyal Monsieur, I know that you would not obstruct justice for anything in the world and that, being an honorable person, you will permit me to carry out the orders I have been given. Before you speak, pray take this handkerchief.

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Would you change your mind if I showed that we are all telling the truth? After his unbelievable performance, any relations between us would be scandalous.

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Dorine withdrawing to the back of the stage Let's see what this affair will come to. In fact, he's nothing but a hypocrite.

For the film, see Tartuffe film. Tartuffe Everyone hates me, santiago chile map pdf and I see all too well that they doubt my loyalty.

Orgon Shut up, you good-for-nothing! We'll go make haste to draw the deed aright, And then let envy burst itself with spite! You are well paid for your caressing care, And this fine gentleman rewards your love Most handsomely, with zeal that seeks no less Than your dishonour, as has now been proven. Pernelle If you are going to accuse someone, you have to have a good reason and be absolutely sure of what you know.

Reports of early performances indicate that at this moment Orgon fell to his knees and embraced the kneeling Tartuffe, and that they rose as Damis began to speak. Tartuffe takes his temporary leave and Orgon's family tries to figure out what to do.

Then you really do love him? They must be alone together. What follows is an attempt not to impose any particular interpretation upon the reader but to point out some of the major questions and to provide information that may help in enjoying the play. You should be satisfied with what I have decided. Everyone babbles on and on and on.

Will you find no difference between Hypocrisy and genuine devoutness? And do you really think that this silliness.