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Page This indicates excessive misfiring or a malfunction in the engine. The Check Control monitors vehicle functions and alerts you to any malfunctions in the sys- tems monitored. Camshaft- Performance Schrick.

These tire inflation pressures can also be found on the driver's-side door post when the driver's door is open. Rear window wiper Fill with water and, if required, with a washer antifreeze, according to manufacturer's recom- mendations. The car will not Have the system checked as soon as be held in place after the brake is possible. Wiper System Wiper system Press and hold the button until the display changes.

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Automobile Mini Cooper Owner's Manual pages. Camshaft- Performance Mini Mania.

Mini cooper Owners ManualMINI COOPER OWNER S MANUAL Pdf Download

Cylinder Head Performance Improvements. Active safety is thus increased. Saving Fuel The man- tion and tire wear.


Cargo Loading The engine can be switched off when the selec- tor lever is in position N. Page Carefully bring the car to a stop, switch off the engine and allow it to cool down. Click the green button below to go to the correct site. The color changes in stages, ultimately to blue.

For better results, save the file to disk before opening it. Do not wait for the engine to warm up while the vehicle remains stationary. Do not lift the vehicle by a tow fitting or body and chassis parts, otherwise damage result. Windshield Heating The microfilter captures dust and pollen. Euro Chrome Side Repeaters.

Vehicle Battery Ampere rating. Check Control Check Control Wait for the display to change to minutes. Download WinZip for Windows Free! It prevents the doors from being tachometer. If you are in a brake applications are less frequent, there is an situation which requires full braking, it is best to increased tendency for corrosion to form on brake using maximum brake pressure.

Mini cooper 2008 Owner s Manual

Mini Cooper Owner s Manual

The tailgate is unlocked and can be opened. Have the system acceleration checked without delay.

Turn the cap until there is an audible click. Whenever the car is locked or unlocked, the alarm system is armed or disarmed. See the table for information on causes and how to react. You can operate the system with the engine Clearing stored programs running or with the ignition switched on.

The function is deactivated. Comply with the installation instruc- tions supplied with the rack system. Engine too hot Continue driving at more moderate speed so that the engine can cool down. Have the system checked as soon as possible.

Displays the current fuel consumption to allow you to see whether your current driving style is Analog to Always Open Timer conducive to fuel economy with minimum exhaust emissions. John cooper Works Cooper s. Cooper trailer hitch installation instructions.

Maximum Cooling Air flow rate, manual and, if necessary, support de cours word 2010 pdf increase the air flow rate. Mini Cooper Owner's Manual pages.

Severe misfiring can quickly lead to serious dam- age of emissions-related components, espe- cially the catalytic converter. Some lamps can light up in different colors. Carefully bring the car to a stop. Being Towed The screw-in tow fitting must always be carried in the car.


The vehicle automatically detects the remote control within the immediate vicinity or in the passenger compartment. Center Armrest To prevent injury in the event of an acci- dent, close the glove compartment after use while the vehicle is being driven. Your E-Mail and or password are incorrect.

Page Online Edition for Part no. Tail lamps To insert the new bulb and replace the cover, proceed in reverse order.

Seat Mounted Adjustable Armrest. Maximum Cooling The air flow rate is lowered or switched off button or switch off the recirculated-air mode entirely to save on battery power. Giving And Receiving Assistance The warning triangle is located at the bottom of the luggage compartment floor. Engine malfunction Stop the car and switch off the engine. Press the button for at least two seconds.

If tioning applicable, do not switch off the engine. Safety Belts Guide the belt into its reel. Replacing Components Changing the front wiper blades Replacing the rear wiper blade in the Fold up the wiper arm. Turn the gas cap counterclockwise.

Press and hold the button until the display changes. Being Towed The screw-in tow fitting must always be carried effort. Fold out the wiper arm and hold it. The vehicle accelerates without pressure on the accelerator pedal. Electric steering wheel lock engaged Move the steering wheel before start- ing the engine.