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The second part of the book deals with the first twenty-four hours or so of the operation. Sometimes the author would state a cardinal direction, and I'd be completely thrown off because I'd be thinking it was a completely different direction. That being said, the occasional vignette at the soldier level does keep the reader engaged. It still needs some work, as it does not save your check list beyond the day, but it help me to keep track of how close I get to incorporating the Daily Dozen into my meals daily.

In January of American intelligence became aware of a sizable concentration of Al Qaeda fighters in the Shahikot valley in Southeastern Afghanistan. Command of Operation Anaconda was a combination of muddle and micromanagement. The author is not in the military, but was present at the briefings and during the battle. Even after several requests for artillery Operation Anaconda went on without and it was never addressed at the general officer level. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The plan that developed was for a hammer and anvil. It's almost overwhelming in detail, but Naylor is a fine writer taking you, with effective prose, to the mountains of Afghanistan. The mistakes made and lessons learned are very well presented and described.

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Spending a page and a half describing a position where two al Qaeda fighters are holed up, from their dress to their armaments to their fortifications, is very interesting. Great history lesson Not a bad history read. Good read, that exposes problems related to technology, communication and combat.

This site rocks the Classic Responsive Skin for Thesis. Naylor Correspondent Army Times. Furthermore, this book did an excellent job showing how this operation exemplifies how t This was a great book detailing Operation Anaconda. Air assaults planned to land on valley ridges would be risky at best.

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The book is incredibly thorough, describing how everything ended up the way it did and why. Command and control, specifically unified command, is lacking resulting in missed comms and casualties. Highly recommended for field grade and senior company grade officers. It is, if accurate, a good reference source.

Defense Secretary Rumsfeld personally had to approve every request for reinforcements, and he frequently turned them down. Once the battle began it was quick paced and I couldn't put the book down. The epitome of these failures was the fight for Takur Ghar, the highest ground in the area and where most American casualties in Anaconda occurred.

Section dealing with chain of command problems and decisions, a good length of the book, not for the more action detailed minded. The Afghans, though untrained and poorly disciplined, nice mca2 pdf were thought to be good enough since the American planners assumed that the Al Qaeda forces would try to flee. Not a Good Day to Die is an excellent account of Operation Anaconda that lays bare many of the organizational and communication problems that plague large-scale operations.

The Untold Story of Operation Anaconda

Army special operations in the Afghanistan expedition. An excellent book with great lessons learned about fire support, coalition operations, unity of command, and American hubris.

Still, at least a book was written about a military operation which is very personal to me. This was a great book detailing Operation Anaconda. Their refusing to believe the facts cost us dearly in American lives. Does anyone have a question about the diet?

Not A Good Day To Die The Untold Story of Operation Anaconda

Hi Penny, Even though I very much appreciate your synopsis of the book, it is challenging to translate this information into actual meals. Something else first served together and what were wearing when they did then may not be useful some day. Unbelievable It is amazing the American forces achieved anything in Afghanistan.

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Furthermore, this book did an excellent job showing how this operation exemplifies how the friction and fog of war can affect an operation and the troops involved. It was very informative, and it had an incredible amount of information needed.

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To some extent Naylor soft-peddles this. Kagan Associate Professor U.

Fascinating read about the early stages of the war in Afghanistan. However, the depleted Ranger force was able to secure the mountain top and save the survivors. And after checking out the paperback version, I saw this has still not been corrected. As I am currently based in Gardez and regularly fly over the Shahikot it was an extremely interesting read.

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An impressive array of special operations forces provided human intelligence, targeting, advice and leadership for Northern Alliance forces. When he dies I hope he sits next to Robert McNamara in the front row in hell. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. The third part of the book focuses on the helicopters that were shot down atop Takur Ghar as well as the rescue missions that were enacted to get the men to safety.

You are bound for heartache. Nonetheless the war will go on. Like How Not to Die so far? Sepp in a discussion moderated by Mr. If you find even the summary compelling, I recommend you make the time to read the book itself.