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The Ridvan Message 2019 (176 BE)

In every setting, there is pure joy in engaging other souls in meaningful and uplifting conversations that lead, whether quickly or gradually, to the stirring of spiritual susceptibilities. Naturally, conditions vary greatly from place to place, as do the characteristics of growth. While understanding clearly the relationship that connects these three stages, the friends are aware that each has its own dynamics, its own requirements, and its own inherent merit. This development holds special promise, for devotional meetings infuse a new spirit into the life of a community. The very spirit of the place is affected.

Ridvan message 2013 pdfRidvan message 2013 pdf

Ri v n 2019

Wherever it is established, it will naturally be an integral component of the process of community building that surrounds it. This is not simply through the rise in human resources it fosters. Older generations welcome the contribution of the youth to meaningful discussions about the affairs of the whole community.

While expansion and consolidation have steadily progressed over the past year, other important areas of activity have also moved forward, often in close parallel. Fundamentally, theirs is a spiritual endeavour, one in which the whole community participates. Feelings of surpassing joy now surge within us, as we contemplate the year ahead and all that it promises. Encouraging progress is occurring in other areas as well.

Of these, an increase in community-building activities stands out in particular. Even the scourge of prejudice, which casts its baleful shadow on every society, begins to yield to the compelling force of unity. And from that initial retinue of God-intoxicated lovers, a diverse community of purpose has blossomed, variegated flowers in the garden He has reared.

The brighter the flame kindled within the heart of the believer, the greater will be the force of attraction felt by those exposed to its warmth. Like the bicentenary that preceded it, this anniversary is a moment incalculably precious. Where this approach has advanced for some years in a neighbourhood or village and the friends have sustained their focus, remarkable results are becoming gradually but unmistakably evident.

But through systematic striving, everyone can make a more and more effective contribution to the work at hand. Much has been achieved this last year by widely disseminating lessons learned from the stronger programmes of growth in clusters that, as we hoped, have become reservoirs of knowledge and resources. These are among the most cherished of all the moments that this transitory life affords. The outlook for the remaining two years of the Plan is bright. The friends realize that as these capacities are enhanced, it becomes possible to integrate a wider range of initiatives.

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From that sanctified spot, the Word of God has gone forth to every city and every shore, summoning humanity to an encounter with its Lord. As anticipated, experience is most rapidly accumulating in clusters where the frontiers of learning are being consciously advanced.

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Among the observations it makes is that efforts to engage in social action are lent vital impetus by the training institute. The friends have also learned that it is not necessary for the principal focus of the expansion phase of every cycle of a programme of growth to be directed towards the same end. The close of the first century of the Formative Age is but two and a half years away. Work on the architectural plans is advancing, sbi po model question paper pdf and more information will be shared in the coming months. The splendid response to His summons can be witnessed on every side.

We will call on it to assist National Spiritual Assemblies in this field by gradually promoting and coordinating activities and systematizing experience. As the experience of the friends has deepened, their capacity for fostering within a cluster a rich and intricate pattern of life, embracing hundreds or even thousands of people, has risen. From this landscape of thriving activity, one prospect deserves particular mention.

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Ridvan message 2013 pdf

The worldwide community has shown the capacity to engage, at any given time, over a million people in such activities, helping them to explore and respond to spiritual realities. The Universal House of Justice. They see how it moves forward as they increase their ability both to raise up human resources and to coordinate and organize well the actions of those who arise.

How pleased we are to note the many insights the believers are gaining from their endeavours. About this document click for more. In short, the community-building work in which the friends are engaged influences aspects of culture.