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Android Controlled Spy Robot With Night Vision Camera

You will also be able to steer it towards left and right directions. It consists of a transmitter section which transmits the required information to the receiver section.

Android Controlled Spy Robot With Night Vision Camera

Remote Operated Spy Robot Circuit
Robots in Milatary How a War field Spying Robot Night Vision Cam Work

Remember me on this computer. The data output appears serially on the Dout pin. These types of cameras are commonly available in the market. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

During forward or reverse movement of the vehicle, the two wheel shafts, as viewed from the motor ends, would move in opposite directions one clockwise and the other anticlockwise. Ld is a Dual H-bridge motor driver. The logic circuitry at the receiver decoder end will be decoding the data appropriately for controlling the two motor of the land rover. To control the left, right of motor for required motion of land rover is explained earlier.

Front wheels are used for steering as well as driving eg, in most light vehicles. The pin configuration of the transmitter module is shown. Now, if the two inputs are logically complemented, the motor will run in the opposite direction.

This cause the rover to perform a right turn. The Robot is simply covered by pressing few buttons at the transmitter side.

Android Controlled Spy Robot With Night Vision Camera

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Robotics is a fascinating subject- more so, if you have to fabricate a robot yourself. The wireless night vision camera embedded on the robot consists of a wireless transmitter. Here is a typical circuit for driving one of the motors, in forward or reverse direction, coupled to, say the left hand front wheel. Both these front motors are mounted side by side by facing in opposite direction. At the time of war where it can be used to collect information from the enemy terrain and monitor that information at a far secure area, and safely devise a plan for the counter attack.

This is very inspiring article. Remote Section of Spy Robot Circuit. Now that we had a brief idea about war field robot, let us have a brief recall about practical robots in defense.

One of the basic features of robots used in military operations is that they are not completely automatic. Their operations can be from disposing bombs, to surveying enemy territories. Thus the robot can be moved forward or in reverse direction by controlling the motor, while the camera does its work simultaneously. So let us have a brief idea about how we can use a robot in war fields for spying purpose.

Pneumatic grippers are also used with advantage in robotics because of their simplicity and cost effectiveness. The spying robot as its name suggests in the one used for the purpose of spying on enemy territories. For over view on circuit diagrams used in this project see this video.

There are different methods available for steering a robotic vehicle. Here robot means robot chassis. Remote operated spy robot has mainly two sections, creo parametric pdf one is remote control section used to control the robot and other one is video transmission section used to transmit audio and video information. The main objective of our project rf based spy robot is implement a radio frequency based wireless robot using a micro controller. Hi Divya Shekhawat For customization of projects or any other queries please email us on team elprocus.

They are actually controlled remotely by human beings. Thus the motor rotates in one direction. Simultaneously, the right direction for the moving the vehicle in the same direction. The data is transmitted four times in succession.

The project also used in alma maters as a supplementary carrier during examinations. On implementing camera and spy devices we also get the pictures and information during charged suspect.

The dc motor is interface with the micro controller, based on the instructions from the micro controller the dc motor acts. This helps prolong the battery life for remote. The maximum controllable range is meters. On implementing Microprocessor programming we also used it as automatically controlled robot or a vehicle. If so, what kind of motor does it require?

The pneumatics plays a vital role in generating specific pushing and pulling movements such as those simulating arms or leg movement. The supply for this camera is taken from the motors battery.

As a result, both the motor will stop running. Your email address will not be published. This fact will be used while arriving at the integrated circuit for controlling the motors for appropriate movement of body.

Remote Operated Spy Robot Circuit

This arrangement does not require separate axles. The entire control of the robot is done remotely. Wireless control devices are gaining enormous applications in robotics and industrial automation applications. This cause the rover to perform a left turn. It comes into play only when one wheel needs to rotate differentially with respect to their axes.

This article contains really useful information. The proposed land rover can move in forward and reverse direction.