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Follow-on Documents When a user submits a follow-on document e. Relevance is the name of the game. But we are able to download your utility from download links in minutes. For those applications where applicant wishes to communicate with the examiner via Internet communications, e.

Differential tax paid on account of declaration in table no. All official patent application related correspondence for organizations reporting to the Commissioner for Patents e.

All letters relating to a reexamination proceeding should identify the proceeding involved by patent number and reexamination request control number. The Web screen will expand to display additional options. If the user breaks up a sequence listing into multiple concatenated files so that it may be submitted on multiple compact discs, the compact discs must be labeled to indicate their order e. It could include a printer mechanical, electrical, optical, etc.

No more paper forms will be accepted. The oath or declaration will not be considered late and thus a surcharge for filing a late oath or declaration will not be required. Such amendment will be considered as part of the original disclosure. We think main problem is with Java. As a courtesy, the Office will attempt to notify senders whenever correspondence is sent to the Office by facsimile transmission that falls within one of these prohibitions.

Application number checked for accuracy, including series code and serial no. Further, the file name for each table should indicate which table is contained therein.

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Furthermore, there is no provision for photographs. To put it in simple terms when encrypting, you use their public key to write message and recipient uses their private key to read it.

Application Data Sheet An application data sheet is recommended for new national stage submissions. Dark ink or equivalent permits traditional ink and newer non-liquid gel type ink technologies. Applicant, however, may wish to file another new application in other certain situations.

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Physical Form Fill up the application form and apply through the conventional mode. Examples of such information include the attorney registration number, attorney docket number, a level physics revision notes pdf and patent application number. Application parts that were filed in a foreign patent office only as plain text computer files e.

Required Documents with Application Form. This will allow all of the electronic files making up the application to receive the same filing date. Only document descriptions and fee codes pertinent to the selected application type will be available for the submission.

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Failure to pay the fees on the filing date of the application will result in a surcharge. Technical requirements regarding image files, such as resolution, minimum and maximum image size, border width, etc. This document and a decision granting the petition or request will be loaded into the electronic application file i.

All letters relating to a supplemental examination proceeding should identify the proceeding involved by patent number and supplemental examination request control number. See subsection B, below, for more information.

Late fee is calculated, if there is delay in filing of annual return beyond due date. Applicants must include the application number from the Electronic Acknowledgement Receipt to ensure that the fees are paid in the correct application.

Contact details for TCS CA issued certificates

Contact details for TCS CA issued certificates

Other Documents All other documents including application parts e. When a user submits a follow-on document e. In addition, other application data, such as a docket number, may be provided.

Therefore, Patent Organization users have an obligation to be aware of this risk and conduct their Internet activities in compliance with established procedures. In the Annual Return for F. Communications via Internet email are at the discretion of the applicant.

May you please help us to sort out the problem? If your download is not complete or hangs, try again The downloaded file is a zip file. Such events are expected to be rare. Patent and Trademark Office. Follow-on documents also include any documents submitted on the same day as the application, but after the initial submission.

Documents that are required to establish the filing date of an application e. Nevertheless, black and white photographs will be accepted where it is impossible to represent in a drawing what is to be shown e. If there is any charges please let us know after all you may have paid file hosting fees. Where copies of correspondence are acceptable, photocopies or facsimile transmissions may be filed. Where to find us eMudhra Limited, No.

This applies especially to amendments, powers of attorney, changes of address, status letters, petitions for extension of time, and other petitions. Details of advances, inward and outward supplies made during the financial year on which tax is payable. Being relevant is certainly at the forefront of everything we do at eMudhra, and the culture that is manifested in our employees, processes, and solutions. If the ePetition, eTerminal Disclaimer or request does not meet all of the requirements, it will not be loaded into the electronic application file i.