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Being next to Yoyogi Park, and nearby the Harajuku shopping area, make this an excellent place to spend an afternoon. English narration and explanation of the Kabuki performances are available on earphones. Shows can go on three hours or more, but single set tickets can only be bought on the day at the ticket box. It's a great place when not crowded. We have put a handy list of phrases for your daily use in your Tokyo trip!

Browse forums All Browse by destination. Moving around in Japan - transportation Japan has a highly developed transport infrastructure. Detailed maps of neighbouring cities to Tokyo Maps of Kyoto.

See the listings below with information on tourist spots and use the tourist map above to help plan your route! The Tokyo city atlas bilingual was a life saver! City tours, excursions and tickets in Tokyo and surroundings. Tokyo is a big city and it could be hard to find the right information on where to go and what to do, scan to pdf editable document sometimes there are just too many options! They are both excellent places to shop and eat.

Popular public transport in Japan is buses, and the fare here is much lower than on trains. It's not so busy on weekdays, but weekends can get crowded. In cities such as Nagasaki and Kumamoto tram tracks have been laid, so you can use this mode of transport. For this reason, we have created a few one-day itineraries for your convenience! In the largest cities of Japan, there are underground as well as a surface metros.

In the first time, it took me so long to make my trip plans and I even ended up wasting time in some no-so-great places. Should I tip the waiters or not? There are lots of small shops for fashion, quirky goods and crepe shops.

The new facilities are gleaming, clean, and a bit sterile - visitors look through windows from above. This handy guide fits well in your mobile phone and in your tablet too! Destination Expert for Rusutsu-mura.

There is also a galleries for Asian art. What is the pourpose of this guide? The locals are very hospitable.

Friends Family Couple By Myself. That is a really good site for giving an overview of popular areas for Japan. Itinerary examples There are some great itinerary examples to help you plan each day of your trip! The teenager street for Tokyo! We saved our phone batteries for the pictures, so we used the printed subway maps all the time!

We created a list of the most needed phrases for a trip in japan and put them side by side in english and in Japanese. We kept the guide in our phones for that, it was definitely a lifesaver! Building landmarks in English and Japanese. What should I do when I get into the temples?

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Payment is made at the end. The Meguro river is more a canal than a river and runs to the East side of Nakameguro.

They are free, and very useful for overview information. The next page will tell you now to order brochures and maps. It is worth noting that Japan has built a fairly effective strategy for the continuous development of economic indicators. In the capital city, with the help of this type of transport you can reach any area, including the suburbs.

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Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. What Rail Pass shall I get? Only the right places to go, not all the places! It is very easy to be overwhelmed with the amount of places to go and things to do, which makes it very hard to create your trip plan.

Entrance fee yen for adults. City and Subway maps You may not always have internet to check how to get to places, so we included some handy maps to help! Besides the many show clubs, one can also find a fair amount of shops, restaurants, and several hotels. To save you time on finding the best of Tokyo. Formerly an imperial garden, it is a great place to take a break from the big city.

Too much information, too many places to choose from. The hotel has more than guest rooms in the storey building, and the breathtaking panoramic view of the city is one of obvious advantages of the hotel. Otemon Gates serve as the entrance to the beautiful, gently laid out garden. Yoobeekool, that is a very impressive list.

Tokyo Attractions Map

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Best map to take with me - Tokyo Forum - TripAdvisor

You may not always have internet to check how to get to places, so we included some handy maps to help! Also, print out the access maps from your hotel web sites. Once the seedy red light district of Tokyo, it has cleaned up considerably. This is primarily connected with the goal of raising the level of industry and the standard of living within the country. After a lawn of bonzai trees there is the moat and the outer walls.

This guidebook will help you with these and many other tips! Tell them where you plan to go, and they will send you free information and maps.

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Best map to take with me - Tokyo Forum - TripAdvisor

They are very polite and courteous. We curated all the information and made a guide with only the best Tokyo has to offer.