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Car price guides and the value of your car

Each of the vehicles in its guides has a unique eight digit code and the combination of the eight digits therein represents the make, model and variant of the vehicle concerned, in appropriate order. The valuation guides are indispensable for anyone buying, selling, financing, insuring, scrapping or writing off vehicles. Through our Dealer Guides, we provide the wider South African motor industry with used vehicle trade and retail values. The selling of used cars has never been so simple. There comes a stage when the Court has to say that a litigant can only place so much of blame on its Legal Representatives and avoid the consequences of negligence.

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Our website uses the latest security technology. Employ enhanced fleet, leasing and maintenance strategies and get the greatest return on your vehicle assets. That is almost two months after the Respondent had instituted its proceedings in the Competition Commission and the Competition Tribunal.

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You will receive a free, no-obligation market value estimate for your car via email. Prima facie there does appear to be something to be said for that submission.

Neither of those submissions thus find favour with me. The values are updated bi-monthly and are available in print, flat file and mobile applications. The time period of twenty business days is provided for in terms of the Rules. Do a free online valuation Get the approximate value of your vehicle online. Should your vehicle be not in our database, please contact us here and one of our helpful representatives will be in contact with you.

This means you have to complete many administration tasks, such as vehicle deregistration, cancellation of insurance and settlement of outstanding finance, but not with us! Beyond that, it takes the risk of the negligence of the Legal Representatives it chooses.

In my view, the granting of a final interdict which is what the Applicant seeks in these proceedings would have been the final outcome of these proceedings. After receiving the email with the estimate, arrange an appointment for the inspection and assessment of your car with one of our partners in your area through our website or via phone.

For businesses, TransUnion helps improve efficiency, manage risk, reduce costs and increase revenue by delivering comprehensive data and advanced analytics and decisioning. Through these and other efforts, basketball practice plans pdf TransUnion is working to build stronger economies worldwide.

It seemed obvious to me that if the Competition Tribunal ruled that such conduct had indeed taken place, a final interdict could not be granted. Our partners have extensive experience in the nationwide used car market.

Car price guides and the value of your car

Dealers and financers can access trade and retail valuation information on commercial vehicles. The sellers don't know who will obtain their private phone number and how reputable potential purchasers or car dealers are. Used Car Deals Find thousands of pre-owned vehicles from reputable dealerships countrywide.

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For consumers, TransUnion provides the tools, resources and education to help manage their credit health, achieve their financial goals as well as make better informed decisions. Providing the South African auto industry with a sound valuation standard for vehicle trades for over five decades. Providing the South African auto industry with a sound valuation standard for vehicle trades for over five decades Request More Information. TransUnion Auto Information Solutions is South Africa's leading provider of information solutions for the automotive industry.

Dealer s Guide

Book a free inspection Our free inspecton will determine exactly how much your vehicle is worth. No doubt, at the hearing, the merits of the application for condonation must be canvassed and adjudicated upon by the Competition Tribunal. If it successfully pursues relief in the Competition Tribunal it may be assisted in overcoming the restraints I intend to place upon it.

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Other consumers would, in my view, be customers of the Respondent who would be prejudiced. One of the crisp questions for decision before me then is whether in my view the Respondent has a hopeless case before the Competition Tribunal.

Even if the Competition Tribunal were to grant it condonation and accept the Replying Affidavit, what will be the outcome thereof. We have partners to value your car nationwide. Common sense dictates that if the Respondent is to pay an inflated price, it will be obliged to pass on such increase to its customers, in turn. No one can exactly determine the value of a car.

You will receive a fair offer for the immediate purchase of your car from our partner. In a nutshell, the Respondent asserted that its previous Attorney, had never communicated to it the decision of non-referral by the Competition Commission.

It also stated that the question of whether the competition issue was frivolous or vexatious was a matter for decision by the Court and not for the Competition Tribunal. Fleet, Leasing and Maintenance Solutions.

How can I sell my car the best? No urgent relief can be granted in my view.

We have developed an innovative combination of vehicle valuation and car purchase, which closes the gap in the non transparent car market. Newspaper advertisements, friends, family members, the notice board at the supermarket, the used car dealer around the corner or to trade in your old vehicle when purchasing a new car. The matter was argued on the merits and save for additional argument on two aspects to which I will allude hereunder, the argument for both sides was completed on that day. It is actually impossible for a layman to get an objective assessment of the value.